Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HP Color laser CP 2025 vs CP 3025

The CP 3025 base unit costs $649.00 vs $449.00 for the base CP 2025.

The 3025 is faster at 31 ppm vs 21 ppm for the 2025 and has 256 mb memory vs 128 mb for the 2025. The CP 3025 is a more robust printer with a monthly duty cycle of 75,000 pages vs only 40,000 for the CP 2025.

If you have a very low demand for color printing and speed is not a factor the CP 2025 may be your best bet.

However, the cost per page to print is more for the CP 2025 than the CP 3025. The purpose of this article is to calculate how much printing it will take to justify the additional $250 expenditure for the CP 3025.

The black cartridge for the 2025 costs $122.99 with a page yield of 3500 pages. The black cartridge for the 3025 costs $133.99 for 5000 pages.
The 2025 colors all cost $120.99 for a 2800 page yield vs $264.99 for 7,000 pages for the 3025.

All pricing is taken from HP’s website using a page yield is 5% which is the industry standard. However, color printing usually averages around 20% coverage.

The total cost of ownership is the same to print 35,000 pages @ 5% coverage or 17,500 pages at 10% or 8,750 at 20% (more the average). This includes the printer with startup cartridges, 9 additional black and 11.5 of each color for the 2025 or 6 black and 4 of each color for the 3025.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) for the CP 2025 at the above print volumes comes to $5730.07. The TCO for the CP 3025 is $4,682.82 or $1047.25 less.

By page 6750 @ 5% coverage or page 3370 @ 10% or page 1690 at 20% coverage the savings in toner makes up for the additional capitol cost of the printer.

Please use this as a guide in choosing between the two color laser printers.