Tuesday, December 9, 2008

HP introduces a new generation of Business Printers

HP has introduced a new line of monochrome business class printers.
The HP LaserJets 4250 and 4350 are being replaced with the next generation of printers, the HP P4014, P4015 and P4515. Their life cycle is anticipated to extend beyond the current 2 years by an additional year.
The new business class printers are expected to have a greater market presence than the LJ 4250 of about 1.5 million units.
HP is supporting the concept of building a heavy duty printer which is designed to be repaired in addition to the disposable printers costing under $700. The disposable printers are better replaced than repaired.
HP is maintaining the same price at $1099 for the P4015 base unit, up to $1629 for the ‘dtn’; duplex, extra tray, and network additional features (now the X model)
All three of the new printers use the same print engine, however, the duty cycles range from 175K for the P4014 at 45 ppm to 225K for the P4015 at 52 ppm and finally 275K for the P4515 at 62ppm. All three printers use the same maintenance kit, using the same parts. A separate kit includes the tray 1 roller and sep pad.
All three printers come with the same CC364A, 10,000 page cartridge. This should be replaced with a CC364X, 24,000 page cartridge priced at $287 or 1.19 cents per page. Compare that with the 42X used in the LJ 4250 and 4350 rated at 20,000 pages and costing $235 or 1.18 cents per page virtually the same, what a coincidence!!
Although the toner savings is negligible there is some energy savings as the new formulation toner has a lower fusing temperature.