Saturday, October 23, 2010

Printforever puts Kodak’s Claim to the test.

‘Printervention: Stop overpaying for printer ink today!’
You may have seen recent ads by Kodak claiming low priced ink.

This article will compare it to HP’s #940 ink cartridges.

Staples price for the hi-capacity Kodak 10XL (8237216) Black Ink Cartridge, High Yield is $16.99 claiming a page yield of 770 pages. This yields 2.27 cents per page.

The HP black #940 sells for $25.99 for 1000 page nominal capacity or 2.6 cents per page. The black #940XL sells for $35.99 for 2200 pages or 1.6 cents per page.

The Kodak hi capacity black cartridge compares well with the HP starter cartridge it comes up well short of the HP hi capacity cartridge.

Staples price for Kodak 10C (8946501) Color Ink Cartridge is $17.99 for a yield of 420 pages. This yields 4.28 cents per page for three colors.

The #940 colors sell for $19.99 for 900 pages which rates at 2.2 cents per page. The color # 940XLs sell for $25.99 for 1400 pages or 1.8 cents per page.

Kodak does not make a hi capacity color cartridge, however, the regular capacity cartridges cost more than the HP ‘starter’ cartridges and much more than the HP hi capacity #940’ cartridges.