Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Starter cartridge ploy backfires on HP color laser printer

HP has rendered the purchase of its mid range color laser printer the CP 3025 unjustifiable with its starter cartridge

Purchasing a new CP 3025 printer costs $649.00 plus a full set of replacement cartridges at $928.96 totals1627.00 This combination yields 8.000 pages black and 10,000 pages of color printing. This reduced toner capacity is a result of the low capacity ‘starter’ cartridges supplied with the CP 3025.
The more robust 4025 printer costs $999.00 and comes with one set of full toner cartridges with printing capacity for 8,500 pages black and 11,000 pages of color printing.

Unless the customer plans on doing less than 3,000 pages of printing on his new color laser printer he cannot justify the additional expense for the lighter duty printer. Furthermore any subsequent toner purchases move the advantage further in favor of the CP 4025.

The 4025 is faster at 35 ppm vs 31 ppm for the 3025. and has 256 mb memory vs 512 mb for the 4025. The CP 4025 is a more robust printer with a monthly duty cycle of 100,000 pages vs 75,000 for the CP 3025.