Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is HP ePrint and how much will the ink cost?

Now Available in the HP Officejet Pro 8600
ePrint is an HP mobile printing technology that lets you print anywhere, anytime with any email-enabled device.3 You can quickly and securely email photos and everyday documents to an HP ePrint-enabled printer. Your photo or document will automatically print—from across the room or across the world
Work from home and print to the office
Print PowerPoint, Excel or PDF documents back to the office
Print meeting agendas and notes remotely
Distribute sales reports to multiple office locations
Print boarding passes from your smartphone on your way out
Printing is as easy as sending an email—from any device
Just attach documents or photos to an email from an Internet-connected computer or mobile device and send to an HP ePrint-enabled printer’s custom email address
The printer will print out the email and any attachments
Create or change customizable email addresses, or manage ePrint settings and job history from any Web browser—at home or on the go—at the HP ePrintCenter
How much will the ink cost?
HP’s Newest Multifunciton OfficeJet Pro 8600's #950/1 Ink Vs HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 #940.:
The Newest HP Office Jet Pro series 8600 uses the #950/1 cartridges while the Office Jet series 8000 and 8500 use the #940 series cartridges.
The #940 series cartridges are used in the older technology Office Jet Pro 8000 and 8500 series printers and multifunction machines.
As HP did with the #88 cartridge series the# 940 and the #950/1 series are made in both a standard and XL capacity. As with the 88 the standard capacity is supplied with the printer so you will run out and buy ink sooner.
The black #940 sells for $25.99 for 1000 page nominal capacity or 2.6 cents per page. The black #940XL sells for $35.99 for 2200 pages or 1.6 cents per page.
The black #950 sells for $26.99 and prints 1000 pages or 2.7 cents per page. The black #950 XL sells for $36.99 and prints 2300 pages or 1.6 cents per page.
The #940 colors sell for $19.99 for 900 pages which rates at 2.2 cents per page. The color # 940XL’s sell for $25.99 for 1400 pages or 1.8 cents per page.
The #951 colors sell for $19.99 for only 700 pages or 2.86 cents per page. The #951XL colors sell for $27.99 and are rated for 1500 pages or 1.33 cents per page.
The ink costs are virtually the same.
As has always been the case with HP, the extended life cartridges are a better value than the standard.