Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Imaging Solutions_Mission

Imaging Solutions was founded in 1999 by its president, John Mayock in Longmeadow, MA.

John started out by supplying remanufactured ink, laser and film cartridges for printers, faxes and copiers. He saw an opportunity to:

1) Save customers 20% to 50% over OEM cartridges
2) Organize ordering by creating a customized and priced order form for each customer listing all of his printing devices and corresponding cartridges.
3) Simplify ordering by enabling customers to create orders out of the forms for faxing or emailing orders.
4) Make local deliveries and being available to discuss printer and/or cartridge problems with a live person.
5) Keep the manufacturing in the USA. All OEM cartridges are manufactured off shore.

In 2004 Imaging Solutions started to offer printer service to its cartridge customers.

Two years later Imaging Solutions commenced offering reconditioned HP Laser jet 4000’s. The first maintenance kit for the 4000 series printer is due after 200,000 pages are printed, however, these are sold with less than 50,000 pages. Many of the 4000 series printers are still running with over 700,000 pages.

This service includes delivering the print and setting it up onto a computer or a network and installing a new 10K page cartridge. This service was well received by customers because they knew Imaging Solutions is a local company and is willing to stop in and solve any problem.

Printer sales have expanded to the HP Laser jet 4100, 4200, 4250 and 4350 monochrome printers. Most of them have printed less than 50K pages which is less than a month’s service duty!!

Imaging Solutions latest service includes advice on how to purchase a printer to minimize ink and toner costs.
Visit the web site at www.printforever.com , email us at info@Printforever.com. or call 413/567-9777

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