Thursday, June 26, 2008

Steps to follow when laser print quality is poor

Laser Printer Maintenence.
Trouble shoooting check list

It is as Easy as 1-2-3

1) Trouble shooting check list

Verify cartridge source/manufacturer
Visually inspect the cartridge for external damage
Verify the toner seal is completly removed.
Reset the cartridge and check the alignment in the printer
Insert problem cartridge in another printer
Does problem follow the cartridge?
Replace the problem cartridge in the same printer
Does the problem persist?
Some print quality problems can occur when a cartridge is changed or a paper jam is cleared. Print at least 5 pages to see if problem diminishes.

2) Media Trouble Shooting

Some media can be too coarse for the toner to stick on to the page causing an uneven print.
Other media can be too glosy, not allowing the toner to grab onto the paper leaving a partial image.
Fuser lamp may be burned out or fail to heat to prescribed temperature.

3) Printer maintenance

Remove buildup of toner and paper dust inside printer on and along the paper path. Failing to vacuum or wipe with a damp cloth can result in buildup.
Squeaking noises can be caused by worn parts, toner buildup or paper dust in the printer. This does not indicate a damaged cartridge.

Worn fuser rollers can cause poor print, ghosting and textural deficts. Page count can be found on 'Configuration Printout', 'Suplies Status Printout'or 'Self Test' to determne whether the fuser life has expired.

Some examples of fuser life expectancy in pages are:
EX:200,000 pages; HP 4000: 200,000 pages, WX: 250,000 pages, HP 4250: 250,00 pages.

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