Thursday, June 4, 2009

HP’s newest monochrome ink tank Cartridge Series: The 940’s

HP is replacing the #88 monochrome ink tank with the #940.
First HP models: Officejet Pro: 8000, 8500

As HP did with the 88 cartridge series the 940 is made in both a standard and XL capacity. And as with the 88 the standard capacity is supplied with the printer so you will run out and buy ink sooner because that is where the profit is.The black 940 sells for $25.99 for 1000 page nominal capacity or 2.6 cents per page. The black 940XL sells for $35.99 for 2200 pages or 1.6 cents per page.

The 940 colors sell for $19.99 for 900 pages which rates at 2.2 cents per page. The color 940XL’s sell for $25.99 for 1400 pages or 1.8 cents per page. As has always been the case whit HP, the extended life cartridges are a better value than the standard.

The black 88XL sells for $40.99 and is rated for $2350 pages or 1.74 cents per page vs the 1.6 cents per page for the 940 XL a !0% better value.The color 88XL’s sell for $26.99 for 1210 pages or 2.2 cents per page 22% higher than the #88s. This is a mixed bag indeed.

All of the above calculations comply with the industry standard of 5% per page coverage which is deceptively low. The average color sheet has 20% coverage.

One more disadvantage to the #940 ink is that HP rates it a not being smudge resistant, water resistant or acid free where the #88 is rated positively in all three categories.

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