Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cloud Computing: Serious Considerations Before Moving All Your Apps and Data Online

By Joe Dysart Recharger Magazine Truncated Jan 01, 2012
While the industry is abuzz with the promise of cloud computing — a new approach to IT in which all business applications and data are moved to the Web — many industry insiders warn that the strategy is fraught with peril. Specifically, skeptics say businesses relying on remote, Web-based providers to ensure critical data is safe, computer applications are run efficiently, and all other computing needs are easily met are simply asking for trouble.
“As a security guy, I tend to look at the idea of cloud computing from a risk perspective,” says Kai Axford, a national manager at Accretive Solutions, a computer security firm. “I have to tell you, I don’t see a lot of companies agreeing to become liable if your data gets breached on their network.”
In concept, cloud computing does seem to live up to its “breath of fresh air” marketing. Instead of dealing with often increasingly overtaxed in-house IT departments, companies working in the cloud will be able to access all their computing needs the same way many businesses already log in to Microsoft’s Hotmail for their messages, stop by YouTube to catch a video or two, or visit Google Docs’ online word processor to jot down a few thoughts. Eric Goldsmith, president of eScrap, detailed ways in which his company leverages the cloud. “We do host photos, use a few online tools and pay for other online tools to help us with our business,” he said.

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